wine compilation fails: 'checking X11/xpm.h - no'

lawson_whitney at lawson_whitney at
Sun Sep 23 11:29:40 CDT 2001

On Sun, 23 Sep 2001, Aapo Mäkinen wrote:

> >Huh, I remember just now about caching of
> >results by configure - if you installed
> >xpm after running configure, you need
> >to rm config.cache.
> did that, no change at all
> still X11/xpm.h
> The bloody file is there!

I can do that, too.

checking for dlfcn.h... no
checking for jpeglib.h... no
checking for X11/xpm.h... no
Red Hat < 7.1   :       xpm xpm-devel
Red Hat >= 7.1  :       XFree86-devel
Caldera OpenLinux       :       xpm xpm-devel xpm-devel-static
SuSE            :       xpm
Debian/Corel Linux:     xpm4g xpm4g-dev

Or get the sources from and all its mirror sites from
the directory /contrib/libraries.

[whit at giftie Wine-20010824]$ rpm -q xpm-devel
[whit at giftie Wine-20010824]$ ls -l /usr/X11/include/X11/xpm.h
-r--r--r--    1 root     root        16644 Jun 10  1999 /usr/X11/include/X11/xpm
[whit at giftie Wine-20010824]$

I did it by "mkdir /oof/empty", "mount --bind /oof/empty /usr/include".
That has the effect of uninstalling glic-devel and
kernel-headers.  There are probably lots of ways to do it.  Of course,
that makes the test compile Gerald mentioned fail:

[whit at giftie whit]$ gcc -S a.c -I/usr/X11/include
In file included from /usr/X11/include/X11/xpm.h:76,
                 from a.c:1:
/usr/X11/include/X11/Xlib.h:52: sys/types.h: No such file or directory
[whit at giftie whit]$

But I don't think you really tried that anyway.

You need glibc-devel to compile any program written in C, such as
"Hello world!" or Wine.  Try installing it, then rm <wine>/config.cache
and try again if ./configure will find X11/xpm.h


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