wine compilation fails: 'checking X11/xpm.h - no'

Aapo Mäkinen amakinen at
Sun Sep 23 12:54:44 CDT 2001

>You can trick configure by adding to
>config.cache (create an empty file if
>necessary) the following line


>It will make configure think that the test has
>already been done and succeeded. Then
>you will see if the compilation succeed.

This in fact worked, configure reported
xpm.h found but after few more lines
it aborted having not found some file.
I became curious since I recently updagraded
to gcc 3.0.1 and I previously had compiled
wine succesfully with gcc 2.96. So removed
3.0.1 and put 2.96 back in. And suprise
wine compiled ok without a single error.

Looks like wine can't be built with
gcc => 3.0.1
amakinen at
ajmakine at

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