Trouble with bitmap fonts

Mika Iisakkila mika+nyysi at
Mon Sep 24 11:52:11 CDT 2001

I have an (16-bit) application using a custom bitmap font, created by
myself with the ancient MS C/C++ + Win3 SDK tools, and was interested
if it would run under Wine. The program itself works beautifully, but
the font only partially -- most of the glyphs are missing from the
output. Numbers and some random characters display, but others are just
blanks (scaling also looks bad, it's not supposed to be scaled, but I
presume that's my problem in the app).

I have converted the font to be used directly by the X server per the
instructions, and it works just great in normal X applications. One
uncommon feature in the font is that even character codes 0-31 are in
use. Could that matter? I'm sure the font itself is available to the
app, some of the "good" glyphs are specific to this font. I tried wine
--debugmsg +font and got gobs of output, but nothing that seems
relevant to the problem to me. The app uses AddFontResource() /
RemoveFontResouce() to use the font. The font is fixed width.

This is Debian 2.2r3, with packaged Wine from
--		--Foo.

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