Visual Sourcesafe HOWTO

Dan Kegel dkegel at
Mon Sep 24 17:28:55 CDT 2001

I went to the trouble of setting up Visual Sourcesafe
on a Linux system recently.  There was a fair amount of
futzing required, so I've documented what I had to do at
Comments and corrections welcome.  I'd also love to know how
to get this working without hardcoding NT usernames and passwords!

The commandline app appears to be fully functional (or at least
as functional as it was under Windows :-), and the GUI is 
about 98% functional (the 'set working directory' dialog is very flaky,
but works just well enough to not be a showstopper for me).

It is rather slow, and I haven't used it long enough to know whether
it's truly usable.
- Dan

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