APPEND: Diablo 2 & Wine

Micah mrl at
Tue Sep 25 00:42:44 CDT 2001

In article <UETr7.3990$ev2.5141 at>, Micah says...
>I cant really seem to find a definite answer: there's a bunch of stuff written
>on the subject, but nothing definite. "I've got it half way working" seems to be
>all I can find.
>So, has anyone gotten it working fully? I'd love to be able to run this without
>having to install windows... that would be a pain having to reformat etc etc

hmm it would seem I've forgotten a rather important aspect: what exactly I've
been doing.

I run wine as root. when I get that working the way it should, I might try
getting it to work under a normal user account, but this way it elimenates some
hassle while figuring stuff out.

I have tried it, to some extent. I installed Diablo II minimum install (although
I eventually hope to be able to full install and the expansion, and playable on 

I have the config file set to a 640x480 desktop-in-a-box, and enabled DXGrab,
with all other options default. ('cept of course my drive config section =)

When I try to run it, it tells me to put the cd in the cdrom drive and retry
(the cd is in there, a win cd that is the origional, not a burned copy)
I know wine recognizes my cd rom: I ran, with out installing WarCraft2, the
editor .exe file form it.

with the --debug +module,+file options, it tells me it cant find some dlls that
the wine readme told me not to mess with (because the builtin ones were
necessary and native ones could not be used), like kernel32 etc.

I really dont know what else would be helpful form that --debug option, and im
kinda new to linux, so I dont know how to save the whole output to a file (the
command to make wine run Diablo with "> file" appended to it didnt give me the
desktop-in-a-box, and itmade me have to go kill wine from the command line.  on
top of that, it didnt put anything in the file.)
so if anyone tells me to post more info up here, I shall.

thx, and hopefully newsranger wont screw up the post again this time and make it
hard to read...

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