Trouble with bitmap fonts

Mika Iisakkila mika+nyysi at
Tue Sep 25 09:32:12 CDT 2001

"Dmitry Timoshkov" <dmitry at> writes:
> Well, I can only suggest to use charmap.exe to verify that the font is
> really available under Wine and all characters have the same positions
> under Windows and Wine.

Ahh, the good old charmap! I forgot about it. Well, the font
(actually a number of them) shows, but still with most of the
characters missing. Interestingly, "Symbol" font suffers from the same
problem, and the characters that work are mostly in the same positions
in both of them. I haven't actually installed the Symbol font at all.
Character positions are correct. I took the charmap.exe from Win 3.11.

> If that's not the case, please try to add some
> another suffix to the font file name than the current one. Wine uses
> suffixes to map character codes from the font code page to unicode and
> vice versa.

Thanks, I'll look into that. My fonts use "symbol" character set, I
might as well make it ansi or oem and modify the application
accordingly if it helps. The app (being 16-bit) and the font know
nothing about Unicode, so it might well mess things up.
--		--Foo.

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