What the HELL is deadbeef?! Or lstat64.c?

Praedor Tempus praedor at uswest.net
Tue Sep 25 19:42:58 CDT 2001

Wow, fast responses.  Thanks. 

OK, deadbeef is a deadend.  What about lstat64?  The wine debug window was 
asking me for the path to lstat64.c.  I did a "locate lstat64.c" on my 
system and come up empty.  I did a search on rpmfind for lstat64 and came 
up empty.  What lib/rpm provides lstat64.c?  A google search seems to 
suggest that it has something to do with xfs.  If so, it's useless as I do 
not have xfs on my system.

In any case, could ya'll please tell me what I need to install on my system 
to please wine-debug with regards to lstat64.c?

Dave Platt wrote:

> In article <Sy8s7.5949$ck.647683 at news.uswest.net>,
> Praedor Tempus  <praedor at uswest.net> wrote:
>>OK, I have windoze ME installed on my system and have been trying to run
>>6.0 with wine release 20010824.  Trying to start iexplore.exe goes along
>>Unhandled exception: page fault on read access to 0xdeadbeef in 32-bit
>>code (0xdeadbeef).
>>In 32-bit mode.
>>0xdeadbeef (_end+0x9df10793): *** Invalid address 0xdeadbeef
>>-- no code --
>>Enter path to file 'lstat64.c':
>>What is this?  Deadbeef?  lstat64.c?
> A hex value of 0xDEADBEEF is a popular value for initializing areas of
> memory when they are first allocated.  It's an easily-recognizable
> pattern, which does not (in most systems) correspond to an actual,
> valid user virtual or physical memory address.
> This crash strongly suggests that some code has been passed an
> uninitialized pointer.
> lstat() is a system call, used to enquire about the type and status of
> a file or symbolic link.

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