What the HELL is deadbeef?! Or lstat64.c?

Dave Platt dplatt at radagast.org
Tue Sep 25 20:04:08 CDT 2001

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Praedor Tempus  <praedor at uswest.net> wrote:
>Wow, fast responses.  Thanks. 
>OK, deadbeef is a deadend.  What about lstat64?  The wine debug window was 
>asking me for the path to lstat64.c.  I did a "locate lstat64.c" on my 
>system and come up empty.  I did a search on rpmfind for lstat64 and came 
>up empty.  What lib/rpm provides lstat64.c?  A google search seems to 
>suggest that it has something to do with xfs.  If so, it's useless as I do 
>not have xfs on my system.
>In any case, could ya'll please tell me what I need to install on my system 
>to please wine-debug with regards to lstat64.c?

The lstat64 function is part of the system's standard C library.  You
aren't likely to have the source for it, unless you download the whole
GNU libc source kit and install it.

Odds are, the bug is probably _not_ in lstat64() itself.  Rather, the
bug is in whatever code called it - and this code is probably in one
of the WINE DLLs, or in IE.

Try entering a null pathname when asked for the path to lstat64.c,
then do a stack backtrace, and see if you can figure out what called
this function.  Alternatively, use the WINE debugging command-line
flags to generate a history of the functions being called, and see
what the last few DLL actions or function calls before the crash
turned out to be.

I don't know whether WINE support for Win ME is far enough along for
it to be worth your while trying to figure out this particular
problem, or whether it's a "Yeah, we know that doesn't work yet,
there's months of work to do" sort of situation.

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