wine doesnt recognice option --desktop

phrostie pfrostie at
Tue Sep 25 19:05:15 CDT 2001

I'd love to, Wine is one of my favorite projects.
everytime i try to teach myself C, one of my vehicles breaks down and i spend 
the next few weeks playing mechanic.  
I've just about worn out the first 10 pages of Kernighan/Ritchie.

> Well, we're still looking for someone who is willing to implement
> the obsolete (as it's not possible to implement via wine any more) options
> as automatic wine config file modifications of our wrapper script
> tools/ via sed, awk, perl or other stuff in case
> wine isn't running yet (so the config file can actually be modified).
> will become increasingly popular anyway, so it should
> really support this.


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