What the HELL is deadbeef?! Or lstat64.c?

lawson_whitney at juno.com lawson_whitney at juno.com
Tue Sep 25 21:01:58 CDT 2001

On Tue, 25 Sep 2001, Praedor Tempus wrote:

> Wow, fast responses.  Thanks.
> OK, deadbeef is a deadend.

Not necessarily.  0xdeadbeef is the address of Wine's handler for
unknown functions, such as foo.dll ordinal 2227.  Did you not get some
fixme's before from fixup-imports?  When a native dll tries to import a
function Wine knows nothing about, not even enough to make a stub for
it, it sets the handler address to 0xdeadbeef.  Okay, it is an
intentional crash, what we used to call a zop (zero opcode).  You can
get rid of them by changing your ~/.wine/config (this is just what I
use, for a simple example.  Use your own good sense.  Probably my apps
don't interest you):

"*"            = "builtin, so, native"

"msvcrt"       = "native"
"riched32"     = "native"

"msvcrt"       = "native"

I don't get any deadbeef crashes.  I didn't buy WinME, either, nor try
to run MSIE 6.0.

> What about lstat64?  The wine debug window was
> asking me for the path to lstat64.c.  I did a "locate lstat64.c" on my
> system and come up empty.  I did a search on rpmfind for lstat64 and came
> up empty.  What lib/rpm provides lstat64.c?  A google search seems to
> suggest that it has something to do with xfs.

Well, probably, xfs has an implementation for lstat64.

> If so, it's useless as I do
> not have xfs on my system.
lstat64.c is the source file for the C library function lstat.  The lib
is glibc, and the rpm is glibc.<whatever>.src.rpm, IIRC.  Look in the
SRPMS directory of the distro.

> In any case, could ya'll please tell me what I need to install on my system
> to please wine-debug with regards to lstat64.c?

You don't need to please winedbg WRT lstat64.c, unless you think there
is a bug in lstat64.c you want to debug.  You can give it a CR and it
will carry on, it just won't be able to show you the c source for that
function.  Wine has run into some glibc bugs, in dlopen/dlerror and
mmap64, but Alexandre has coded around them.
I don't see, BTW, how we get from deadbeef to lstat64.  lstat64
shouldn't have any unresolved references, Wine shouldn't be trying to
resolve them if it did, and deadbeef can't refer to anything.


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