shdocvw.dll (was: Re: Correction: What the HELL is deadbeef?! Or lstat64.c?)

Dan Kegel dank at
Thu Sep 27 19:31:08 CDT 2001

lawson_whitney at wrote:
> > Based on this, I assume that at least one problem is SHDOCVW.dll.101 for
> > which wine can't do anything with, no stubs...?
> >
> Sorry, the fixup_imports message I was thinking of is an err: not a
> fixme.  Right.  Seems nobody knows the name of this thing, nor how many
> arguments it takes, nor what it is spoze to return. 

For what it's worth, searching msdn shows five things that claim their
'stock implementation' is in that dll:

Who knows how much of shdocvw.dll those pages document...
- Dan

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