Wine and Windows DirectPlay ?

Andreas Mohr Usenet 08/01 vooe7o001 at
Fri Sep 28 04:29:39 CDT 2001

AleX-ZerO <AleX-ZerO at> wrote:
> Hi to everyone,

> i tryed to run a dedicated Server Software under Wine useing DirectPlay, the
> Software starts very fine, but they can not connect to a tcp/ip port!

> I have had the same problem on a windows computer, the solution was to
> reinstall DirectX.

> I tryed this under Wine, but it doesn´t work, a file "" can not
> be found. I read all news, and
> the howto for diabolo2 and the faq on, but i found nothing
> wich helb me to solve this problem.
Hmm ? Library config problem !

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