WinME, Win2000: status

Sergey V. Udaltsov sergey.oudaltsov at
Fri Sep 28 04:36:22 CDT 2001

> Try to understand Wine. Wine doesn't "use an OS", but implements the Win(32)
> Api. There is nothing special about Wine and WinMe or Win2000, as the target
> is to run applications without the need of any code supplied by the core OS
> implementation of WinXX.
In theory, there can be "special" things:
1. Using of native dlls - they are different from version to version.
Sorry, but Wine dlls do not implement 100% of WinAPI (I do not mention
that WinAPI is not strictly defined thing)
2. Using native OS apps (notepad.exe) - they can use "special" APIs
provided by particular version of OS.
3. Using of "OS version"-specific APIs by 3rd party apps
4. Using different file formats. For example, are registry files same in
Win9x, WinNT, Win2000, etc...?

> However "core" applications of MS mostly use sophisticated and/or
> undocumented features of the MS implementation of the WinXX Api, and those
> applications have their problems with wine ( like many other applications due
> to errors and/or omissions in the Wine implementation).
That's exactly what notepad.exe from Win2000 does on my machine.

That's why I asked the question. Could anyone please help me with
debugging notepad.exe? Any screenshots/logs/info are guaranteed.

Thanks for comments,


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