wine and win2k. and the config file

Andreas Mohr Usenet 08/01 vooe7o001 at
Sat Sep 29 05:39:15 CDT 2001

Uwe Bonnes <bon at> wrote:
> Andreas Mohr Usenet 08/01 <vooe7o001 at> wrote:
> : Nicholas <megalas at nicho.linux> wrote:
> :> can wine work with win 2k?
> :> and how is my wine config file going to look like...
> :> i have 1 hd partisioned into a fat32 ,ext2 and swap plus i have 2 cdroms.?
> : Excuse me, but can you *please* have a look at other postings before
> : posting stuff ?
> : The thread which is handling this issue is *exactly* before your posting.

> Usenet: Ask once, read never...
Yeah right :(
Hmm, I should have mailed that reply to the author, too.
Oh wait... he doesn't even have a valid email address !!
People... *shudder*

Linux is for those people who need to fight against the lock-in effects
of mainstream people having made uninformed decisions for years...

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