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Sat Sep 29 22:57:31 CDT 2001

shawn hensger wrote:
> im a newbe and i need some help. how do i run winME or win95 in wine im so
> lost so any help would be cool thx

Maybe you could try using punctuation...

This is a FAQ. If you downloaded wine or made even the most cursory attempt
to read the on-line documentation (start at you would find
answers to your question.

Anyway, to answer your question, you need to either download, compile and
install wine from source or download and install a binary version of Wine.
Then you need to configure it by editing the wine configuration file.
Finally you run a Windows application by typing "wine prog.exe" possibly
with some arguments if you wish to emulate a particular version of Windows.
If you have Windows already installed you may be able to use Microsoft's own
DLLs for some applications if the wine one's don't work perfectly, but this
is often not required (i.e. you don't need Windows to run a Windows
application with Wine).

- Daniel

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