stockton at mail.mgu.bg stockton at mail.mgu.bg
Tue Apr 16 04:20:07 CDT 2002

Hi everybody!
I started using Wine only a few weeks ago and even managed to achieve some success. I'm running a windows program,some kind of medical assistant software.It is using it's own local database, and everithing is stored in files so there is no problem with that.The program works, but I've experienced big trouble getting it to show correctly the cyrrillic symbols. My linux machine uses the "bg_BG" locale, the console and X are set correctly, using the proper cyrillic fonts, so I excluded the Linux localization as a problem by now. I tried do fix the things by configuring the "bgr.nls" file,but it seems not to do any good. I guess this file is not completeted, there are a lot of stuff commented out(and it's not like this in, say, german or russian .nls). Anybody ever had this problem? Any help would be greatly appreciated,as well any docs,discussing this matter. Thanks in advance.
P.S. I apologize for this broken english of mine :-) 

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