Office 97 problems

Daniel.Kurucz at Daniel.Kurucz at
Tue Apr 16 08:33:51 CDT 2002

Hey folks,

I have some problems with Office 97.

Environment : SuSE Linux 7.3, wine-cvs-unstripped-041502 patched, with
fake_windows directory (created by codeweavers wine).
Lotus Notes (5.07) works very fine, i've also installed Office 97
But there are still some problems.
Winword : Opening of files works perfectly, but it can not save any
documents (Error message : Medium full or too many files open.)
Excel : VBA is not working (missing stdole32.tlb).
MSAccess will also not find vba332.dll (DLLOverride didn't help)

Excel works very fine, until there aren't macros in the file.
Powerpoint works perfectly.

I have also installed StarOffice 5.2, it works very good (but not so
stable), but the most templates used in the company are M$Office-based (XL
& Word). :-/

Any ideas ? Patches ? Workarounds ? I've searched the FAQ, but i didn't
find anything.

Thanx in advance :

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