font problems, encoding

Tyler Daniel tyler_daniel at
Tue Apr 16 18:32:43 CDT 2002

Anyone know how the registry+encoding fields of the xlfd's are chosen
when wine requests a font?  (like the 'iso8859-1' in 

I foolishly decided to spend a little time straightening out the fonts
on my system, and by adding a slew of windows fonts with mkttfdir I
think I've confused wine.  The fonts.dir it (mkttfdir) creates contains
entries for lots of different encodings, and looking at the debug output
when wine starts I noticed that it was trying to request xlfds like
'-microsoft-arial-bold-r-normal-*-134-*-75-75-p-*-*', which contains a
single '*' for the last two fields (registry-encoding), and failing. 
When I grep out only the iso8859-1 entries and reload, wine requests
that encoding and works fine..  Obviously it would be nice to have the
other encodings..any ideas?

I'm using Wine release 20020122 packaged by Codeweavers, with the fonts
in question being served by xfs.


BTW, I tried changing my LANG etc settings with no effect.

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