regedit.exe notepad.exe and other wine substitutes

Tony Lambregts tony_lambregts at
Wed Apr 17 18:55:59 CDT 2002

Raul Dias wrote:

>Wine provides a variety of applications in the programs/ dir.
>this include notepad, regedit, regapi, aviplay, ...
>This programs (AFAIK) implements the windows equivalent of their 
>.exe with winelib.
>However, some applications try to run c:\windows\regedit.exe,
>notepad.exe and fail.
>My question is, in a windows free environment, if I rename those
>applications (to a .exe extension and its .so file) and move 
>them to c:\windows, will the win32 applications that look for 
>them be satisfied?`
>Or I have to add a win32 version of them? (copy from a real
>usually installation apps use this applications, most of the time.
>Raul Dias
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The programs in /programs clock etc. are winelib programs.  They are 
*nix programs that require the wine libraries to run hense "WineLib". 
You first have to comple them.

$ cd programs
$ make depend && make
# su
# make install

if I want to run clock  I run "clock" not "wine clock" or "wine 
clock.exe".  One thing though. clock and should be accessable 
from a a drive defined in  ~/.wine/config otherwise it can give you 
errors. If you do not do the final make install as root clock is not in 
the unix path but I can still run by specifying exactly where it is, for 
example ~/wine/programs/clock.  Beware I use clock as an example but it 
is not a really really great program.

Tony Lambregts

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