regedit.exe notepad.exe and other wine substitutes

Tony Lambregts tony_lambregts at
Wed Apr 17 22:03:29 CDT 2002

Raul Dias wrote:

>Tony Lambregts <tony_lambregts at> wrote:
>>The programs in /programs clock etc. are winelib programs.  They are 
>>*nix programs that require the wine libraries to run hense "WineLib". 
>>You first have to comple them.
>Yes, I understand this.
>>if I want to run clock  I run "clock" not "wine clock" or "wine 
>>clock.exe".  One thing though. clock and should be accessable 
>>from a a drive defined in  ~/.wine/config otherwise it can give you 
>>errors. If you do not do the final make install as root clock is not in 
>>the unix path but I can still run by specifying exactly where it is, for 
>>example ~/wine/programs/clock.  Beware I use clock as an example but it 
>>is not a really really great program.
>However the point is that some programs like installers needs to run 
>a few windows program like regedit.exe (office 95 needs it) and notepad.exe
>(as when displaying a README file at the end of the installation).
>I don't want to add a copy of window's real notepad.exe and regedit.exe
>(unless necessary) in a windows free wine c: tree.
>So, if I move regedit from the program/ dir to c:\windows and rename it
>to regedit.exe (as a link to wine) and mv the .so file too renaming it to
> will work?
>Or win32 intallers uses some file extension association (mime/type) api in the
>registry to know which app should be run?
>If the later is true, can I access these file associations in the registry?
>Raul Dias
The short answer to all this is I do not know.

Do the installers need really regedit or will wine take care of it already?

I would suspect that changing the name or any of those programs to 
xxx.exe will not work, but it is certainly worth a shot, The worst thing 
that would happen is that it would fail I suppose....  Ok lets do 
that.... copy notepad & to home directory as notepad.exe and  Run  wine  ~/notepad.exe... No It does not work .... 
wine: can't exec '/home/tony/notepad.exe': invalid exe file... 

That leaves me with the registry option and I'm darned if I know where 
to look?

Looks like I'm not any help at all Sorry...

Tony Lambregts

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