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Brad Campbell brad at
Thu Apr 18 01:43:28 CDT 2002

G'day all,
I update wine daily from cvs and install it into /usr/local/wine using
a custom script, not the wine install script.

Previously all the shared libs were in /usr/local/wine/lib and this
dir was picked up by ldconfig and everyone was happy.

Now I have /usr/local/wine/lib and /usr/local/wine/lib/wine

ldconfig picks up the former but not the latter. To get wine to
work I have to set LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/usr/local/wine/lib/wine.

Why are the files in /usr/local/wine/lib/wine not picked up as
shared libs, and is there anything I can do to remedy this?
I tried the EXTRA_LD_LIBRARY_PATH in ~/.wine/config but it seems
to do nothing.

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