Pedro Restrepo pedrores at
Thu Apr 18 18:15:27 CDT 2002

Tony and Miklos,

I think it is not a good idea to transfer ALL Windows registry to Wine registry.
It could cause many, many problems (many registry keys connected to nowhere
destinations, to inexistent applications, ...).

It is better (and time consuming, of course) to select only the needed keys.

Good luck,

Pedro Restrepo

Tony Lambregts wrote:

> Miklos Bagi Jr. wrote:
> >Hi,
> >
> >I have an idea and I dont know if its bad or not, so please tell me ;o)
> >There're some windows based applications I need to run but they do need some
> >registry entries. If I choose to export my whole windows registry and import
> >it to wine's registry, should it make wine crash/die/unworkable?
> >
> >MBJr.
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> This *should* work fine.  As always make a backup of your wine
> regestries, before trying to do this.  I cannot think of a reason not to
> try it.  I for one would be very interested in the  results. (good or bad).
> Do you need any other suggestions?
> Tony Lambregts
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