kernel32.dll problems

Raul Dias chaos at
Wed Apr 24 09:30:56 CDT 2002


Using wine 20020411 with a fake windows dir with 
no native dlls.

Sometines when I try to install some applications I get a
kernel32.dll error

from wine-dbg, the last lines of a backtrace is (is there an easy way for cut'n 
paste from winedbg?) :

15 0x400e9d7e (KERNEL32.DLL CreatePipe+0x14b in (ebp=405b6f38)
16 0x400ed515 (KERNEL32.DLL WaitForMultipleObjecteEx+0x2dd in (ebp=405b6ff4)
17 0x400ed6b4 (KERNEL32.DLL WaitForMultipleObjecteEx+0x47c in (ebp=00000000)

This happened when trying to install Half Life, command & conquer (Red alert) and a few others.

Any clue what is this about? Or how to solve this

Raul Dias

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