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Rick Romero rick at
Fri Apr 26 08:02:54 CDT 2002

On Thu, 2002-04-25 at 22:05, Damian Gerow wrote:
> I've been trying to get Platypus (the ISP billing software by Boardtown) 
> working under wine on-and-off for the past couple of months.  Last time I 
> checked, there were some Visual FoxPro problems.  Those have now been 
> resolved, but I get an 'insufficient memory' error as soon as Plat tries to 
> contact the SQL database.

Which Visual FoxPro problems are you referring to?  Up until December I
believe there were some OLE issues, but the current issues I'm aware of
(I guess I'm the only one concentrating on Visual FoxPro in particular)
is the mouse button release issue.  The button release issue (AFIAK)
only appears in 'entry' boxes, and scrollbars.  Clicking buttons is ok. 
Selecting menus is ok.  Does your app allow for something like a "range
of dates" entry?  Can you click in one of those boxes, or a scrollbar
without an apparent 'freeze'?
> Has anyone gotten it to work under wine yet?  Anything I should know?  The 
> underlying OS is FreeBSD, installed from the ports system (CVS snapshot 
> from April 11th, I think).

If you can click in input areas, and use scrollbars, I'd like you to run
a test FoxPro 5 app from

I'm not capable of fixing the issue, but I have a good idea of what
works (GUI wise) and what doesn't relating to Visual FoxPro.


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