wine and Platypus

Damian Gerow damian at
Fri Apr 26 09:44:16 CDT 2002

At 09:02 AM 4/26/2002, Rick Romero wrote:
>Which Visual FoxPro problems are you referring to?  Up until December I
>believe there were some OLE issues, but the current issues I'm aware of
>(I guess I'm the only one concentrating on Visual FoxPro in particular)
>is the mouse button release issue.  The button release issue (AFIAK)
>only appears in 'entry' boxes, and scrollbars.  Clicking buttons is ok.
>Selecting menus is ok.  Does your app allow for something like a "range
>of dates" entry?  Can you click in one of those boxes, or a scrollbar
>without an apparent 'freeze'?

It's not the actual VFP application, but the driver that was broken 
before.  I butted my head against it for a couple of days sometime last 
year -- say September? -- before giving up and just installing Windows.  :(

>If you can click in input areas, and use scrollbars, I'd like you to run
>a test FoxPro 5 app from

I'll give it a shot, but won't be able to until later this evening.

>I'm not capable of fixing the issue, but I have a good idea of what
>works (GUI wise) and what doesn't relating to Visual FoxPro.

I guess I should have explained in more detail...

I'm having troubles getting Platypus to work.  The VFP driver it uses was 
causing problems a long time ago (September-ish), but now it just 'runs out 
of memory' when trying to contact the SQL server.  Last night, it was dying 
because it couldn't find SHELL32.DLL, but I copied that in place and it's 
no longer complaining about it, but still dying.  I'm a bit at a loss.

If I use win98 emulation (the above is with win2k emulation), I don't 
actually get any display windows, and wine complains of an unhandled 
exception, and starts debugging.

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