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Sun Apr 28 01:01:29 CDT 2002

On 27 Apr 2002 13:52:30 -0700, Dustin Navea wrote:
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> wrote:
> > Howdy Folks,
> > 
> > I'm trying to run Cryo's Arthur's Knights under
> > wine.  I've managed to
> > install using setup.exe, but when I go to play the
> > game, I get an error
> > message telling me to insert CD #1, even though CD
> > #1 is in the CD-ROM
> > tray and mounted.
> > 
> > Any clues as to why I would be getting this message,
> > how to convince the
> > game that the CD is actually in the CD-ROM drive, or
> > how to research any
> > of these issues myself?
> > 
> > 
> > Thanx,
> > Ian
> > 
> > 
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> hello, i noticed your problem and thought I would take
> a gander at it.  It could only be 1 thing and there
> are 3 ways to try to solve it.  The problem is that
> the game more than likely uses copy protection to
> prevent software pirates (warez kiddies) from making
> illegal copies of it.  Under the cd drive's section
> ([Drive D] or whatever) remove the line that says
> "Label" = that will allow wine to read the name of the
> CD...some games use the name of the cd as their only
> copy protection (Frogger 2), and if that is the case
> with your cd, then that would fix it. 

Try that.  No joy.

 The 2nd way
> would be if they used some sort of on-cd copy
> protection (safedisc or securerom), to check out
> TransGaming's version of wine (dubbed WineX).  It has
> many games supported (has the ability to read
> safedisc/securerom-enabled cd's) and would be able to
> read it.  If that doesn't work, you can always call
> for a vote for them to support it and put the
> safedisc/securerom code into their program.

I'll take a look into this.  Thanx.

> The 3rd
> and least recommended way is to get what is called a
> crack.  It allows you to use the game without the cd
> being in the drive.  But remember though that the
> government of the US and many other countries
> considers it illegal and you could go to jail for
> using one.

Now this provides an interesting peek into the minds of our
legislatures.  As I understand it, under the DMCA, developing and/or
distributing technology *capable of* circumventing copy protection is
illegal.  However, use of said technology is not...

Thanx again for the suggestions.


"How am I supposed to blend?  I'm two feet taller than everybody else in here!"
        -- Chris Tucker
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