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Colin Stubbs colin at one.com.au
Mon Apr 29 23:23:13 CDT 2002

hello the list

Visual Basic compatability/support with wine, are there any tricks to getting applications written in this language working correctly?

Useing a newer version certainly doesn't help, or atleast, not with the app I'm trying to use. 2002.04.11 doesn't even move past displaying the splash screen. 2001.05.10 that I've been using for several apps written in pure C works well, but witht he VB, it has trouble during the first run (it has to process a licence file, seems to use crccal32.dll, and create a db of some kind), and drawing the interface correctly.

I would go into detail with debugging messages and so on and so forth, but I just want a general answer at the moment .... do VB apps generally work well with wine ? Am I just wasteing my time ?



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