MS Office 2000 Small Business instalation problem

Damian Wojslaw damian at
Thu Aug 8 10:00:29 CDT 2002


	I'm trying to install MS Office 2000 Small Bussiness (Polish version) with 
latest CVS wine. First I get a small message box that tells me, that my 
Windows Installator is being upgraded, then I get an error message, that 
could be roughly translated as:

	"Windows system Installer in this system has been upgraded. You have to 
restart system to finish this upgrade (actualization? - D.W.). After reboot, 
please start installer again to cotninue instalation of MS Office 2000 Small 

	This is constant behavior. Restarting to Windows and then Windows doesn't 
help. Restarting Linux doesn't help. Praying doesn't help. :))
	Sorry that I ask here, but I don't know how to translate this message that I 
could look for it with google.
	I would be grateful for any pointers. 

	Thank you.

Damian Wojslaw

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