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Mark Hannessen msh104.mymail at
Sat Aug 10 14:39:52 CDT 2002

> On Fri, 9 Aug 2002, Mark Hannessen wrote:

> He there !!
> i just found out that transgaming has a new "quartz dll" in there CVS.
> it apears to use ffmpeg libavcodec.
> the good news:
> libavcodec is LGPL !!!
> so there is a good chance that the entire quartz dll is going to be LGPL

> Going to be? It has been for a while already... from the LICENSE file that
> was in effect for the WineX 2.1 release (CVS tag "winex-2-1", in the
> "winex-2-0-branch", where the new quartz code is taking shape):

>  Additionally, the following components are covered by the GNU Lesser
>  General Public License, found in the LICENCE.LGPL file:
>   dlls/avicap32/
>   dlls/msdmo/
>   dlls/quartz/
>   dlls/msacm/winemp3
>   programs/regsvr32

can anyone tell me how to download the LGPL part of WineX.
i'am having problem's with it.

i try'd

cvs-d:pserver:anonymous at tag winex-2-1

but that does nothing.
and i also can't find any hints on the transgaming site on how to do this.

Mark Hannessen

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