DCOM95 or DCOM98

Raul Dias chaos at swi.com.br
Fri Aug 16 12:31:23 CDT 2002


Tons of instalation (and probably applications too) needs
DCOM to install.

There are 2 availables DCOM to be installed DCOM95 and DCOM98.
Both with version 1.3 .

Most documentations on wine say that wine is more likely 
to work with windows 98 (as the C:\ ).

However, most guides to specific applications like office, 
dreamweaver, corel draw say that DCOM95 should be installed.
usually dcom95 is provided in the instalation CD.

Is there any difference from DCOM95 to DCOM98?
shouldn't DCOM98 works better with wine?

what do you think?

Raul Dias

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