License violation? [WAS: Re: Quickbooks and Wine]

Raul Dias chaos at
Sun Aug 25 14:27:46 CDT 2002


Tom Docking <tom at> wrote:
>Codeweavers puts its code back into Wine; the only thing they don't is
>anything they make for installation purposes. As such, if you can get it
>installed, you'd expect to have luck running it under the latest CVS.

If Codeweavers does not return installation code to wine CVS, doesn't
this violates the LGPL?

AFAIK, Codeweavers was returning every change back to the wine CVS tree.

I don't want to flame Codeweavers, I personally want them to succeed.
However I would like to know if this is true or not.


Raul Dias

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