Wine Hides On-board RAM

Derek Broughton derek_broughton at
Mon Aug 26 08:03:28 CDT 2002

From: "Ian D. Stewart" <idstewart at>

> I have no problem with upgrading, but I would like to know *why* I am
> upgrading (i.e., what bug is causing the problem, and how does the new
> kernel address the bug).  To do otherwise strikes me as being
> equivelant to the tendency in the Windows community whenever something
> odd happens.

Not at all.  Wine has always been distributed as 'alpha' software, and thus
we can expect that a lot of things are continuously getting fixed.  Nobody's
going to try fixing something that's only reported in an old version of the
software.  So you upgrade, test again, and if it's still a problem report
the bug.

To differentiate from Windows, nobody's suggesting you remove and reinstall
Linux, here :-)

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