Could not insatall Internet Explorer on linux through wine.

Michael Peddemors michael at
Thu Dec 5 16:49:43 CST 2002

Just a dumb interjection...
Had a client with the same exact issue, and it was traced down to being a 
problem with Linux set up to use Explicit Congestion Notification, and the 
windows machine wasn't, and thus the Mozilla couldn't reach the banking page 

On December 3, 2002 06:18 pm, Bob Lockie wrote:
> Phillip John Shelton wrote:
> > Or, as I do, they use a site regulary that so far, only works reliably
> > on IE.  I can send the link if you need it to help debug.  My bank
> > does not work on Mozilla but does on IE in windows. I have not yet
> > tested to see if Mozilla on windows works or not.
> Please post the URL and make sure you are using the latest nightly build
> of Mozilla.

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