Could not insatall Internet Explorer on linux through wine.

Sylvain Petreolle spetreolle at
Sun Dec 8 05:34:33 CST 2002

He isnt joking, and this UK site writings are All Lies. This is only a
way to have less work to do for the web people.
IE is less secure than mozilla at many points.
> > Send an email to your bank saying they are doing something non
> > standard. It may be that Mozilla is not a "supported" browser but
> it
> > should work with any standards complient web sites
> > (banking sites have no reason to not follow the standards).
> > 
> > I use Mozilla to do my online banking.
> > 
> You have got to be joking. At least one UK site has code to refuse
> anything other than IE on the grounds that the others 'are not
> secure'.

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