Need help installing some software

Duane Clark dclark at
Mon Dec 9 16:25:45 CST 2002

Anthony Joseph Seward wrote:
> I need help installing some software.  I've tried with Red Hat's version
> of wine, Transgaming's version, and the CVS version (latest try is
> wine-cvs-opengl-120902-1 from
> I get different results with all of them.
> Could anyone do a walkthrough with me using any of the above versions?
> Sometimes it seems like there is just a registry problem, other times it
> seems like a problem in the code.

To me, it is very vague what you want. Generally, to install an 
application in Wine, you cd into the directory containing the 
installation setup.exe file, and then type "wine setup".

Does "some software" have a name? Is it downloadable?

You have successfully installed Wine and other applications work?

Please give error messages, not "different results", "registry problem", 
and "seems like a problem in the code".

More detail is always better. When in doubt, include it.

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