Need help installing some software

Duane Clark dclark at
Mon Dec 9 17:01:04 CST 2002

Anthony Joseph Seward wrote:
>>The software in question is the Win2K version of a device driver for a
>>USB hardware key:  I get
>>problems with both the legacy installer and the MSI installer.

I am certainly not an expert on that part, but as far as I know, as a 
general rule a Windows device driver will not work in Wine (there are 
some very limited exceptions).

>>I am trying to give whoever wants to help the chance to choose their
>>weapon.  When I've tried to get help with wine over the past year or so
>>the initial response is usually 'try it again with version X', version X
>>being the version that the respondent uses.  Choose your version and
>>I'll give you the appropriate details.

Unfortunately, that is sometimes required. However, as a general rule, I 
think you will find that the people most knowledgable about Wine will be 
using a current CVS from winehq. Yes, that requires a bit of additional 
effort to setup and learn, but once setup, it is very easy to use and 
upgrade with. In my case, current CVS on Redhat 7.3.

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