Could not insatall Internet Explorer on linux through wine.

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Mon Dec 9 18:41:28 CST 2002

>From: "Keith Matthews" <keith_m at>
>> On Sat, 07 Dec 2002 19:33:27 -0500
>> "Bob Lockie" <bjlockie at> wrote:
>> >
>> > Send an email to your bank saying they are doing something non
>> > standard. It may be that Mozilla is not a "supported" browser but it
>> > should work with any standards complient web sites
>> > (banking sites have no reason to not follow the standards).
>> >
>> > I use Mozilla to do my online banking.
>> You have got to be joking. At least one UK site has code to refuse
>> anything other than IE on the grounds that the others 'are not secure'.
>Sure they do, but it's not a _valid_ complaint, and only if we keep telling
>this will they change their ways. My bank happily lets me use IE, Mozilla,
>and Konqueror.

Ours works fine with IE, Mozilla, and Netscape of various versions and OSes
(W95, W2K, OS/2, Linux).

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