Lazy Question...

Bradley Caricofe caricofe at
Wed Dec 11 15:05:47 CST 2002

Hi list, I'm totally new to Wine and this is my issue.  I currently have a
few dedicated linux servers I'm using to run multiplayer games like SOF2 and
Medal of Honor.  There are other games I'd like to be able to host that only
run on windows and their developers have no plans to release linux binaries.
Will Wine help me accomplish this given my current server configurations and
my ability to access and admin it?

I have only SSH access to manage my servers, they are all in a colo facility
a thousand miles from me and they of course don't run X.  I've started
digging around in the FAQ's and looking at some of the docs but thought I'd
go ahead and ask here too for good feedback from people who have maybe
already faced a similar task.

Brad Caricofe

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