cygwin under wine?

Sam Steingold sds at
Sat Dec 14 20:30:46 CST 2002

Is it possible to run cygwin under wine?
when I do "wine setup.exe" (where setup.exe is the cygwin installer)
I get through till the "downloading mirrors.lst" screen and then it
hangs with these:
fixme:msvcrt:MSVCRT__sopen : pmode 0x40575b94 ignored
fixme:propsheet:PROPSHEET_DialogProc Unimplemented msg PSM_SETCURSELID

(after a zillion of
fixme:shell:MsgNotify unhandled (-12)
fixme:shell:MsgNotify TVN_DELETEITEMA/W

this is with 20020605.


PS - I am not a pervert.  I just need to debug a program that works on
linux but crashes on cygwin...

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