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Bob Lockie bjlockie at
Sun Dec 15 15:14:41 CST 2002

Bradley Caricofe wrote:

>Hi list, I'm totally new to Wine and this is my issue.  I currently have a
>few dedicated linux servers I'm using to run multiplayer games like SOF2 and
>Medal of Honor.  There are other games I'd like to be able to host that only
>run on windows and their developers have no plans to release linux binaries.
>Will Wine help me accomplish this given my current server configurations and
>my ability to access and admin it?
It might, do you have a local Linux machine to test on?
I don't know how well the Windows network is supported.

>I have only SSH access to manage my servers, they are all in a colo facility
>a thousand miles from me and they of course don't run X.  I've started
>digging around in the FAQ's and looking at some of the docs but thought I'd
>go ahead and ask here too for good feedback from people who have maybe
>already faced a similar task.
I'm not sure if Wine requires the X libraries to load.
It may require X to at least be there, I don't know.

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