Tierra games...

Mox jhuuhtan at niksula.hut.fi
Sun Dec 15 15:35:34 CST 2002


I found these remakes of old Sierra games at

They run on an windows adventure game
engine AGS found at http://www.adventuregamestudio.co.uk

Due to the engine author's reclutance for helping linux people, the only
solutions seems to be using wine to get these ancient-but-excellent games

So far they have made King's Quest 1 VGA and King's Quest 2 VGA.
Unfortunately I haven't been able to get either of them running with wine.

The games install just fine (with GUI installer) and I'm able to get to
the launcher menu, but:

running either setup (kqvga.exe --setup) or the game (kqvga.exe) just
returns (no any "fixme" errors):
wine: can't exec 'KQVGA.exe': error=21

running setup goes fine, but running the game shows couple of directx
-related errors and while I am able to (eventually) get to the main menu
of the game, I can not use mouse (hence cannot proceed).


Especially with KQ2 it seems that it would only need a little bit of work
to get going. Anyone care to try out and tell me if successful?

(oh, I'm using wine-cvs-opengl-121502-1 -rpm)



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