Protel 99SE and SolidWorks 2001

Dennis Cardinale dennis at
Fri Dec 20 10:16:11 CST 2002

Hi, all.

I am nearly free of Windoze...there are only two apps that I (absolutely!)
need to run, Protel 99SE and SolidWorks 2001.

Has anyone had any success installing or running these programs under Wine?
I have not been able to get past the install stage.  Unfortunately, as soon
as the install begins, I get an error something like, "tried to access
address 0x00000000."  I don't remember the correct wording, and I am not
near my workstation right now...I will follow up with details.


Mandrake Linux 9.0 from iso download & updates
Kernel 2.4.19
Micron Pentium III 500 384M Ram, Lots of HD on ATA 100
Wine compiled from CVS on 12-19-02
KDE 3.0 (pretty sure)


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