Possible bug - Quicken 2001 Deluxe

Mark Knecht markknecht at attbi.com
Sat Dec 21 11:01:16 CST 2002

   As per Tony's suggestion, I looked around in http://bugs.winehq.com
for this one and didn't find it. Since it would be my first bug report,
would someone be willing to see if this is in there and I missed it?

   The bug looks like this:

1) Wine only installation using Wine 20021125 from CVS
2) Quicken 2001 Deluxe

Bug: Password Dialog Box not visible - Quicken allows a password
protected data file. When a password is in effect, a dialog box pops up
where you enter the password. When running Quicken 2001 Deluxe under
Wine this dialog box is not visible. You can still type the password and
get into Quicken where everything seems to work fine. Hitting Alt-Tab
shows that the dialog box is there from a windowing point of view, but
it is just not displayed.

   If I haven't missed this in the database, I'll go through the bug
generation process and enter it this weekend.

   As an aside, I'm trying a number of applications but most of them are
failing in Wine only. Possibly this bug is just a less severe version of
those failures? This machine is dual-boot, but my Windows partitions are
not mounted. Do I just mount them and rerun wineinstall to get a Win ME
version of Wine?


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