Help!!! - New Wine - now my apps don't work

Mark Knecht markknecht at
Sat Dec 21 17:00:49 CST 2002

On Sat, 2002-12-21 at 13:35, Tony Lambregts wrote:

> There has been talk of getting rid of desktop mode on wine-devel. 
> However so far there is no big push to do so. In theory you should not 
> need to use "desktop" so it is a bug. Also I noted that you are not 
> using the latest version of wine.  It is possible that the newest 
> version does not have this problem. so upgrading to wine 20021219 would 
> be advisable before submitting a bug.
I actually have updated to 20021219 and the problem is still there.
Based on your release criteria I'll go ahead an submit the bug. Must
learn how to do this.

Actually, I had started to upgrade to the newest CVS early this morning,
but the installation program gives some message about binaries being
incorrect versions and tells you to uninstall Wine first. I tried 'make
uninstall' but that didn't work. Maybe I was in the wrong location or
something to make that work. I couldn't use rpm -e and my machine
doesn't have 'dpkg' installed.

The install of Wine is almost the smoothest thing I've done in Linux,
and I'm no super user by any means. I'm also running Jack, Rosegarden
and Ardour. All much simpler but considerably more difficult to install.
One input would be to make sure the uninstall process is better
documented in the README because it just didn't work on my distribution.
(RH 7.3)

I eventually just went ahead and let it do the compile and everything
seems to have gotten handled - correctly, I hope! ;-)

> >
> >   I'll have to do more study to understand what the difference in these
> >modes are. Wine is very powerful, but very complicated too! 
> >
> >  
> >
> Yeah... AFAIK it is the most complicated project out there. To me it 
> makes Mozilla look like a text editor. The real problems is that there 
> are thousands (millions??) of programs out there and there is no way 
> that the developers can have access to all of them.
> Right now the the current goal is 0.9 and one of the criteria for this 
> is to get a certain number of applications working flawlessly (as 
> possible) The more popular a program is the more likely it is to be 
> considerd for this list. Quicken is a fairly popular program and 
> therefore it is likely to have a fairly high priority to get it to work 
> properly. Good bug reports can help a lot.
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> Tony Lambregts
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