Help!!! - New Wine - now my apps don't work

Mark Knecht markknecht at
Sat Dec 21 17:02:50 CST 2002

On Sat, 2002-12-21 at 14:38, Duane Clark wrote:

> Wine should never write to the "real" registry on the Windows partition. 
> It makes all changes to the registry files ~/.wine/*.reg. It will modify 
> the real *.ini files, but that is less likely to cause problems.
> In general, if you are using Wine in conjunction with a real Windows 
> partition (though as Tony mentions, you should probably avoid that with 
> WinME), then you probably should always do program installations in 
> Windows rather than in Wine. Else when you boot Windows, it will not 
> have access to the registry entries made by Wine, which went into the 
> Wine only registry files.
   Hi. Thanks for the info. My goal is to no use Windows at all, and
based on Tony's emails I intend to just try and stay away from the
Windows partitions completely.


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