Couldn't find a decent font

Tony Lambregts tony_lambregts at
Sun Dec 22 19:28:04 CST 2002

Mark Knecht wrote:

>   There is an application (Acid Pro) that I'm interested n running
>under Wine, but the install program goes nowhere. Can someone point me
>toward some instructions for how I might do a better job at this?
>[mark at Godzilla c]$ wine d:\setup.exe
>wine: Unhandled exception, starting debugger...
>err:wineconsole:WINECON_Fatal Couldn't find a decent font, aborting

Actually you have two problems here.

The first is is that the program you are trying to run  (acid pro) is 
crashing so a (crash) bug report is in order for this.

The second is that the debugger is not finding a font (that it likes) to 
use. I've had that problem too (darned if i know what the fix really is 
though) I thought it was just me... If you want to use  the debugger 
then you need to get this fixed.  I have a few ideas...

wcmd (wine's dos shell) is another winecosole program that seems to be 
less picky. So using it to test your fonts is what I would sugggest. 
First run "wcmd".  When wcmd is up and running right click anywhere on 
the screen. this will/should bring up a menu with one of the options 
being "set defaults". If you click on the option it will bring up a 
screen with 3 tabs. Click on the font tab. There should be at least one 
font that wcmd likes.  Once you have wcmd set up the way you like. you 
can try running "winedbg" by itself.

Hope this helps


Tony Lambregts

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