Couldn't find a decent font

Tony Lambregts tony_lambregts at
Sun Dec 22 22:21:30 CST 2002

Mark Knecht wrote:

>On Sun, 2002-12-22 at 17:28, Tony Lambregts wrote:
>>The second is that the debugger is not finding a font (that it likes) to 
>>use. I've had that problem too (darned if i know what the fix really is 
>>though) I thought it was just me... If you want to use  the debugger 
>>then you need to get this fixed.  I have a few ideas...
>>wcmd (wine's dos shell) is another winecosole program that seems to be 
>>less picky. So using it to test your fonts is what I would sugggest. 
>>First run "wcmd".  When wcmd is up and running right click anywhere on 
>>the screen. this will/should bring up a menu with one of the options 
>>being "set defaults". If you click on the option it will bring up a 
>>screen with 3 tabs. Click on the font tab. There should be at least one 
>>font that wcmd likes.  Once you have wcmd set up the way you like. you 
>>can try running "winedbg" by itself.
>   In one of the few threads I could Google out of the Internet you
>mentioned to someone else about setting the desktop to 640x480. Doing
>that on my machine allowed a window to pop up and then disappear
>immediately with the same error message.
>   I looked at my installation using Synaptic and it appears to have
>pretty standard stuff installed, including True Type fonts. I have
>removed a couple of editors, like Abiword, which I don't use at all, so
>it is possible that some fonts got removed. If the Wine web site has
>info specifically about fonts I haven't found it yet.
Well as much as I would like to I do not have the answer to this. Fonts 
are definately not my stong suit. I (might have) got around this by 
doing a "make clean"  before a wineinstall. this may work for you. for 
me this is pretty drastic as it takes about 3 hours to rebuild wine 
after a make clean (my machine is pretty ancient thought-- 96mb ram 
300mhz PII) if you have a faster machine it should be considerably shorter.

My setup has always been able to make do with a minimum of fonts (less 
to load) if you have "clean" it *should* work. I run with RedHat 7.2  


Tony Lambregts

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