Changing FS type reported by Wine

Duane Clark dclark at
Mon Dec 23 18:15:18 CST 2002

Stephen Mollett wrote:
> Just tried it. (Changed it to {'N','T','F','S',0}.) That works perfectly... 
> 6.5GB AVI created with no problems.

Cool. I agree with Tony that this should be configurable in the 
~/.wine/config file. Hopefully he will go ahead and make a patch for that ;)

> One drawback... I've also reminded myself why I wasn't using the latest Wine 
> even though I'd built a package - frame preview no longer works... Win some, 
> lose some :-) I'll have to hack the old version and recompile it - I was 
> using 1007; I'll try the intervening versions tomorrow to see which one 
> breaks it.

How about doing a regression test and finding out what broke it?

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