Changing FS type reported by Wine

Derek Broughton dbroughton at
Wed Dec 25 14:04:26 CST 2002

Tony Lambregts wrote:
> Well thats a patch that shouldn't go into cvs. <g>  If it does "fix" the 
> application though then there should be some way for wine to do it the 
> "right way".  The way I see it there are two ways to do this.
> 1.) wine should try to set the fsname to NTFS if underlying file system 
> can support files sizes > 4GB.
> 2.)There should be a conf file option for NTFS along with MSDOS, unix 
> and win95.
> The difficulty with wine trying to do this automaticly is that it would 
> need to find the file system type of the current directory and not the 
> root. This is of course because of the way the unix file system works. 
> The current directory could very well be an MSDOS drive while the root 
> drive is an ext3 and this function is only aware of the root drive.
> AFAICS Having it as a config option is easier to implement and removes 
> the problem from the developers hands.<g>
> For myself I (think I) could implement it as a config option but Iwould 
> prefer that wine could deal with it automaticly.  If anyone has any 
> suggestions I would appreciate it.

Is it a serious problem using the file system type of the root?  This is
a fairly obscure problem anyway, and if you encountered a problem with a
specific application you could set up new drive letters for the specific
file systems you needed.  It's a little kludgey, but I don't see it as
being incompatible with the intent of Wine - after all, while Wine _can_
access Unix file systems, and use the features of them, it's providing
an interface to Windows which _doesn't_ understand the concept of
different file systems under a single drive.


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