Changing FS type reported by Wine

Derek Broughton dbroughton at
Thu Dec 26 10:35:08 CST 2002

Duane Clark wrote:
> Derek Broughton wrote:
>> Is it a serious problem using the file system type of the root?  This is
>> a fairly obscure problem anyway, and if you encountered a problem with a
>> specific application you could set up new drive letters for the specific
>> file systems you needed.  It's a little kludgey, but I don't see it as
>> being incompatible with the intent of Wine - after all, while Wine _can_
>> access Unix file systems, and use the features of them, it's providing
>> an interface to Windows which _doesn't_ understand the concept of
>> different file systems under a single drive.
> According to MSDN, "FAT" and "NTFS" are both legitimate return values 
> for the filesystem name from GetVolumeInformation (though it does not 
> mention what other possibilities might also be valid). Wine hardcodes 
> this to always return FAT (or CDROM).

Surely from Windows p-o-v _no_ other return values should be legitimate.
     Can windows natively read any other types?  I don't think so.

> Since it is hardcoded, I don't know how you would "set up new drive 
> letters for the specific file systems you needed." An option in 
> ~/.wine/config, on the otherhand, would make this easy.

I understand that it _is_ hardcoded, but it seems to me that the
simplest solution is to return the value specified in the config file
for each drive.  As Tony says, if you have drive X: pointing to a
directory on one filesystem but whose subtree contains another
filesystem, returning the value for the root drive may not always be
right, but as I see it, that would be an impossible situation under
Windows, so not one that Wine really needs to deal with.

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